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'Oceanic Titan' Acrylic on Canvas 90x90

Sale price€107.000 EUR

"Oceanic Titan" is an awe-inspiring abstract painting that beckons viewers to immerse themselves in a captivating journey through the depths of an unknown aquatic realm. The artwork's masterful strokes and vibrant hues evoke the vastness and mystery of the ocean, drawing observers into an enigmatic world where imagination knows no bounds.

The painting's dynamic composition resembles the swirling currents and powerful tides, creating a sense of movement and energy that resonates with the viewer's emotions. As one gazes at the piece, a profound feeling of awe and wonder is ignited, as if standing before an ancient and majestic titan of the seas.

Within this mesmerizing abstract creation, hints of submerged landscapes and mythical creatures seem to emerge and disappear, leaving room for individual interpretation and personal connection. The artist's deliberate use of color and texture immerses the audience in a sensory experience, reminiscent of the ebb and flow of ocean waves, both calming and exhilarating.

"Oceanic Titan" becomes a vessel for introspection and contemplation, inviting observers to delve into their own inner depths and explore the uncharted territories of their minds. The artwork's evocative title hints at the painting's grandeur and its potential to awaken dormant emotions and subconscious musings.

In essence, "Oceanic Titan" is more than just a visual display; it is a portal to a realm where art, imagination, and emotions intertwine. With every glance, this abstract masterpiece offers a new discovery, a deeper connection, and a chance to embark on an extraordinary journey, guided by the infinite possibilities of the vast oceanic canvas.

90 x 90cm

Acrylic Paint, 3D paint, canvas 

One-of-a-kind artwork by Johny Dar 

'Oceanic Titan' Acrylic on Canvas 90x90
'Oceanic Titan' Acrylic on Canvas 90x90 Sale price€107.000 EUR