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Magical Mandala 26

Sale price€99 EUR

Photographic Matte Print 

Printed in Italy

40 x 40cm or 80 x 80cm 


Experience the transformative power of art with "Magical Mandalas" by Johny Dar - a series of enchanting and surreal art prints that celebrate the beauty of life.

Each print is a vibrant and intricate mandala, designed to redefine reality through the art of perception. Get lost in the mesmerizing patterns and colors, and feel the magic of the universe come to life before your eyes.

Crafted with intention and passion, these prints are more than just decoration - they're a gateway to a new perspective on life. Hang them in your home or office and let the positive energy flow.

Using free-hand line-work inspired by the intelligence of nature, each mandala is intricately crafted with geometric structures that give it shape and form. Dar's unique approach to creating images through interlaced shapes not only creates a stunning visual effect but also has a profound impact on the brain and subconscious, making it a form of art therapy.

The theme of offering audiences a new perspective is integral to all of Dar's work, and "Magical Mandalas" is no exception. Let these prints transport you to a world of enchantment and wonder, where the possibilities are endless.

Celebrate the magic that surrounds us and challenge your perceptions of reality with "Magical Mandalas" by Johny Dar. Order your print today and transform your space with the transformative power of art.


Magical Mandala 26
Magical Mandala 26 Sale price€99 EUR