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Horse Whispers Photo Art Print 60x80

Sale price€3.000 EUR

60 x 80cm

Fine Art Print presenting the artistic collaboration of Johny Dar, expertly printed by a certified studio specializing in digital fine art printing. This remarkable piece has been carefully reproduced on high-quality Hahnemühle fine art paper, ensuring faithful preservation of the artwork's intricate details and vibrant colors.



Horse Whispers is a powerful fusion of art and nature, and visual message of faith and inspiration expressed through the majestic beauty of the horse.  

Featuring Bader, an Arabian stallion, painted and photographed by Johny Dar, Horse Whispers is an artistic tribute to the spirit of the horse, and its timeless connection to humankind. 

Horse Whispers has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Beijing, in Berlin and in London, as a groundbreaking collection of expressions in body art.  


`Breaking boundaries and creating unique ways of expressing artistic vision.’

Harper’s Bazaar Art


‘The world’s first artistic horse painting.’

Spiegel online

‘An extraordinary piece of art…you cannot believe your eyes…’



Horse Whispers Photo Art Print 60x80
Horse Whispers Photo Art Print 60x80 Sale price€3.000 EUR