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Darya eBook

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Johny Dar’s first novel ‘Darya’ is a magical story of wonder and destiny, and a captivating new mythology for readers of all ages…


Darya is a rebellious and mysterious girl, in the midst of a dark and desirous youth. One wild night she falls from a cliff, diving into another world in the depths of the ocean. Far beneath the waves, Darya discovers a hidden realm of mythical creatures, where the hills are made of gleaming gold and the inhabitants graced with wings… but her body struggles to adapt to the Mermerian conditions and her life force begins to dwindle. Returning to the world above seems impossible - unless Darya is a lost daughter of this magical world, and a key to restoring the once-existing unity of all things...

Compatible epub- All devices and apps..

Language: English

Format: epub 2MB

Title: Darya

Darya eBook
Darya eBook Sale price€3 EUR