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'Cosmic Joker' Fine Art Print 50x100

Sale price€290 EUR

 Cosmic Joker’ is a vibrant and dynamic painting that bursts with color and energy. The background is filled with a gradient of blues and purples, creating the impression of a vast and infinite universe. Across this backdrop are scattered a series of large, liquid round shapes in a variety of bold colors: deep reds, bright yellows, intense greens, and shimmering oranges.

These shapes seem to swirl and dance across the canvas, creating a sense of movement and playfulness. Some of them are solid and opaque, while others are more translucent, revealing the layers of color beneath. The overall effect is both whimsical and cosmic, as if the painting is a window into a universe where anything is possible.

At the center of the painting is a large, grinning figure with a jester's hat and a mischievous expression. This is the titular ‘Cosmic Joker,’ a playful and irreverent figure who seems to preside over the swirling chaos of the painting. Whether he is a trickster, a guide, or simply a fellow explorer of this strange and wonderful universe is left up to the viewer to decide.


50 x 100cm

Fine Art Poster presenting the artwork of Johny Dar, expertly printed by a certified studio specializing in digital fine art printing. This remarkable piece has been carefully reproduced on high-quality Hahnemühle fine art paper, ensuring faithful preservation of the artwork's intricate details and vibrant colors.

'Cosmic Joker' Fine Art Print 50x100
'Cosmic Joker' Fine Art Print 50x100 Sale price€290 EUR