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'Twin Flame: Soul of a Man' Acrylic on Canvas 40x100

Sale price€64.000 EUR

The human spirit, both delicate and tenacious, embodies our capacity to overcome obstacles and transform through life's trials and tribulations. While considering the profound stages of before and after, we are also drawn to explore the enigmatic realm of twin flames, wherein the male aspect plays an integral role. Like two halves of a divine puzzle, twin flames are intertwined in a cosmic dance, complementing and challenging one another to reach their fullest potential. In this greater narrative that transcends our individual existence, the male twin flame brings his unique essence, fostering growth and deepening the bond that defies time and space. Thus, as we reflect on the profound mysteries of human existence, we embrace the significance of the male twin flame, an inseparable part of the grand tapestry of life.

40 x 100cm

Acrylic Paint, 3D paint, canvas 

One-of-a-kind artwork by Johny Dar